Focusing On Your True Potential

"Helping you to get the balance right"



1. What made you decide to work with me? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made me stand out in some way?
I decided to work with you because I knew personally I would need a trainer who could push me and I would respect.  You had worked in the field for many years and had a vast amount of experience that you utilised to create exercises, an eating plan and work with affirmations, which was an aspect of training I had never used before and thought would be a new and useful tool.
2. What stands out about what you've learned from working with me? ( biggest insights or light bulb moments )
Throughout our training sessions there have been a number of little light bulb moments where you have explained how a particular exercise works, the best way to do something and why certain exercises are done. Numerous times I’ve been able to go “Oh, right! That actually makes more sense now.”  I like knowing I can ask seemingly silly or obvious questions and get a knowledgeable response, it’s been great fun and I have learnt something new or clarified a particular point at each session. My exercise knowledge base has definitely improved since starting our program.
3. If you were to recommend me to a colleague, friend or business associate, how would you describe the way I helped you achieve your goals?
You were always very willing to go into more detail to outline why your suggestions would help me get to where I wanted to be.  You did follow up checks to make sure I was staying on track and reiterated previously talked about plans. I always took your suggestions into account because I knew your history in the field and your own personal experiences had culminated into the best advice based on trial and error.  The underlying base of respect and your constant support was also a big motivator that helped me get to my goals.