Focusing On Your True Potential

"Helping you to get the balance right"



1. What made you decide to work with me? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made me stand out in some way?

There were a number of advantages to working with you.  You provide a one-stop service, from carrying out physical assessments, to arranging individualised programs, to providing support to get a program established and developing it as I make progress.  You also provide an in-house service and offer good value for money.
2. What stands out about what you've learned from working with me? ( biggest insights or light bulb moments )

Sometimes it has been the little tips on technique or attitude that have made a major difference to the success of my program.

3. If you were to recommend me to a colleague, friend or business associate, how would you describe the way I helped you achieve your goals?


You have a comprehensive background in gym work, as a former gym owner/operator and competitive weight lifter you have a wealth of experience to impart to both novice and experienced gym goers.  You’ve designed a sensible and achievable program for me, which you have developed as and when I became ready for new exercises.  You’ve provided invaluable support in getting established in the program and becoming confident in using free weights and machines in the gym.